Characters must roll to save against radiation or gain a level of exhaustion. The DC depends on the intensity of the radiation and the duration of exposure.

Low Radiation: Less than 3 SV; DC 10 Con Save +1/roll (Roll Every Day)

Medium Radiation: 3-6 SV; DC 15 Con Save +1/roll (Roll Twice a Day)

High Radiation: 6-10 SV; DC 20 Con Save +1/roll (Roll every hour)

Extreme Radiation: 10-50 SV; DC 25 Con Save +1/roll (Roll every minute)

Lethal Radiation: Greater than 50 SV: DC 30 Con Save +1/roll (Roll every Round)

Recovery from Radiation:

For each 24 hour period of intensive medical treatment a trained physician may roll their medicine skill to reduce a character’s exhaustion level. The DC is 15, +5 for each level of exhaustion beyond the first.

Healing Magic can help in recovery. Lesser Restoration instantly recovers 2 exhaustion levels. Greater Restoration recovers 4. Heal recovers all. Regenerate reduces the time for medical treatment to every 6 hours. A paladin’s lay on hands ability can remove 1 level of exhaustion for 10 points of healing ability.


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